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The Euro Plight

The Euro Plight A single currency for the countries in the Eurozone was an idea that was brought up with the hope that this would steer economic development and eliminate trading barriers within this block. This has however turned to be a hindrance to economic growth within the region instead.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Euro Plight specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With the Eurozone economic crisis and deflation that has been witnessed in the countries within the Eurozone, the Euro currency has lost its value against other world currencies. It has for instance been exchanging at around $1.32 against the US Dollar in the resent past as evident in the graph bellow. Various measures have been put in place so as to save the Euro from the loss of value. One of these measures has been the purchasing of assets by the Central Banks of various countries. Performance of the Euro against the US Dollar The bank of Japan for instan ce launched a stimulus program where it was supposed to purchase assets with the intention of strengthening the Yen against major world currencies with the Euro included. This came in the wake of the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve taking the same measures to strengthen their currencies. The purchasing of government as well as corporate bonds was aimed at strengthening the yen against major world currencies but it did not yield much as expected. Strengthening the yen only helped in reducing oversees corporate earnings. The exporters do not get maximum profits when the currency is so strong against other world currencies and this to some extend slowed down the economic recovery. The same measures that did not work quite effectively for the bank of Japan have been undertaken by the European Central Bank which is a clear indication that the Eurozone Economic Crisis is still far from being resolved. A stronger currency without the creation of jobs and building a platf orm for economic development would do little to avert the Eurozone crisis. With all efforts being made to rescue the Euro against depreciating, the currency has remained consolidated for a long time against the major world currencies hence the need to come up with other formulas so as to save this currency. The currency has lost by 0.12% against the sterling pound hence exchanging at 0.8022. It also depreciated against other major currencies like the Swiss franc were it depreciated by 0.19% hence exchanging at 1.2088 Franc per Euro.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Performance of the Euro against the Sterling Pound The Bank of Japan had opted for quantitative easing which involves the printing of more currency. This money is then used in the purchasing of bonds as well as other bank assets from banks. This then implies that these banks have more money at their disposal to issue as loans, improving their infrastructure and creation of employment by the opening of more branches, increasing their assets which then trickle down to economic growth. This also helps in lowering the interest rates and this is quite critical in economic stimulation. It encourages spending and investment hence economic growth. The aim is basically to counter deflation by reducing interest and creating enough quantity reserve hence raising the price of these assets. The extremely lower interest rates might however make it hard for the banks to sail through inflation. This measure also causes distortion on the government dept particularly given that some government borrowings are usually with extremely low rates and buying such securities and bonds are likely to slow down economic stimulation and any changes on these can have an enormous impact on the economy. Sovereigns are also likely to mismanage their finances as they might not obey market pressures hence puttin g pressure on the economy. The European Central Bank had taken up these measures in an effort to alleviate the European Economic Crisis. In spite of all these measures the Euro has not strengthened much against the world major currencies for instance the Japanese Yen where the Euro depreciated by 0.02 to exchange at 102.79 Yen per Euro. Performance of the Euro against the Japanese Yen The Capital Markets have particularly been closed to some countries as well as banks in the zone due to the crisis but the European Central Bank has promised to take some short-term actions in an effort to revive the bonds market. All the measures taken are meant to rescue the Eurozone from the Economic crisis but this is not supposed to act as a quick fix and it will take time before the recovery is fully realized.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Euro Plight specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More By the end of next year, it is exp ected that the crisis will be over. Investors are however very cautious on the economic situation in the region with countries such as Spain which still need to be bailed out of their debts. This has slowed down the economic development in the region hence slowing down the recovery. The tax laws need to be changed so as to reduce the dept which is having a great effect on the GDP of the countries within the Eurozone. A compromise has to be reached concerning the tax laws as well as the appropriate measures to be taken so us to save the Euro. The issue of creation of employment as well as reducing job loses is quite crucial in averting the crisis even though all the parties concerned have not found a common solution to this particular issue. The road to recovery has been quite sluggish with so many obstacles to be overcome. The Euro currency has particularly consolidated with no major variations in terms of appreciation or depreciation of the Euro. Lapavitsas, Costas. Crisis in the Eurozone. London: Verso Books, 2012.

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Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) Essays

Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) Essays Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) Essay Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) Essay Essay Topic: Nashville Name Course Instructor Date Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering) A. Civil engineering is a specialized engineering discipline, which involves in construction, design and the continuation of the physical and naturally made environment. Civil engineering is also the process of applying physical and scientific principles. Roads, buildings, bridges are set under this field. The civil engineering works are seen in the construction of main roads in the country incorporating the profession to built strong, stable and longer lasting sites. The history of civil engineering is associated with knowledge of science, geology, geography, mechanics, structures and other subjects. Engineering has been a feature of the human life since time immemorial and its earliest practices are traced back to the Ancient Egypt when people began agriculture and abandoned their nomadic lifestyle. A gap for housing created the need for shelter construction and civil engineering was born. Civil engineering is inclusive of both the private and private sector. In government, it is from the lowest level of municipal council to the national federal government. The government hires the work of professional engineers for the buildings and infrastructural development. These engineers also help the government to formulate, direct and safeguard building laws by establishing codes of construction of structures and buildings. For the private sector, it is local companies, homeowners, national and international companies. Without civil engineering, the buildings, roads, railways, air systems, dams would occasionally deal with problems of instability, unsafe and eventually fall apart. It covers wide range professions involving various fields. These professions include environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, urban engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering and construction engineering. Environmental engineering improves the natural environment by applying science, engineering, and assess construction projects and their effects on the environment. Environmental engineers engage in studies of pollution, control of radiation levels, setting laws for environmental engineering, containing levels of wastewater and provide insight on the engineering laws of the environment (ABET) Construction engineering occupies the position similar to that of a business nature with the supplies and conducting logistical operations, price monitoring and drafting or reviewing agreements and contracts. It fits in a variety of design executing and planning of transportation, hydraulic, site development, and geotechnical and construction engineers. Management of buildings, highways, airports, railways, bridges and other infrastructures is carried out by construction engineers. (Chapman, p.67) Geotechnical engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering collaborating with knowledge from geology, mechanics concerning the rock and soil (earth material) Geotechnical engineers deal with building at ground level by investigating semi surface materials and conditional ties to uncover their properties. As a result, the standards of a solid foundation of the construction project are set (Engineering and Technology) Structural Engineering is an area concerned with the structures like towers, sea gas fields, bridges in their design and analysis. They formulate design considerations such as strength, stability, cost and sustainability of the structure. (Sims, p. 65) Urban Engineering also called municipal engineering takes in aspects of art, science and engineering for the environment in urban areas. It stipulates designing and assesses publi c works, public and leisure parks, networks for water supply and sidewalks. The professionals coordinate and manage these infrastructures. Transportation engineering is an area particular with transportation design, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) designing and maintaining transport infrastructure. Efficiency and safety is important in transport engineering. B Transportation engineering is a major feature of civil engineering and a preferred choice for many. The facilities supported are air, water, railways, space and pipeline transportation. It is a broad area, of railway engineering, port and harbor engineering, pipeline engineering and airport engineering. Technology and specialized scientific principles are applied into the operational planning, functional design and coordination of facilities for a variety of modes of transport. This provides for comfortable, convenient, efficiency and safety in the movement of persons and their goods. Urban planning is related to this field of engineering in terms of planning by using forecasting decisions and political issues (Chen et. al, p.120). Passenger travel carries out technical forecasting which usually involves a model of urban planning in estimation of trips in their generation, mode to be undertaken, decisions made by travelers (trip chaining) and distribution. Trips of passengers are vital because they are a representation of the level of demand in either transport arrangement. These human factors are valuable especially with contact of the users, drivers and their vehicles. In designing, transport engineering takes account of the area covered by the facility (size and capacity), vertical and parallel alignment, thickness, weight and the materials to be used. The size and capacity influence the choice the material for construction whether roads, railroads, airports and highways. The alignment is of value whether vertical and horizontal in order to avoid poor positioning of the structures and modes of transport. The thickness is used to make sure the structure is safe and stable to prevent it from falling and killing people in the future. The weight and materials used are key determinants of the design, stability and long lasting of the work constructed. Control and operations techniques in traffic engineering and modern technologies such a s Intelligent (Kapoor, p. 74) Transportation Systems for traveling individual’s modes of information, improved traffic control systems and the integration of vehicles and infrastructure. The practice by the engineers integrates planning for the means of transport and the planning determine the overall outlook of roads, airports, ports and highways. C To become a professional civil engineer, one has to study at a credited institution and acquire an academic degree. The degree has to be a major in civil engineering. The period of study varies from various universities from three to five years. Some offer it as a Bachelor of Engineering while others as a Bachelor of Science. Units such as physics, design, mathematics and some disciplines of civil engineering are covered. Further studies can be undertaken for specializing in a specialized area of interest in civil engineering as some universities offer awards for postgraduate engineering. After education, the engineers are certified after meeting the conditions of a professional engineering body. The requirements are exam results and some level of work experience and other conditions prescribed by the professional body. Afterwards the engineer acquires the title of Professional Engineer according to the United States system. Most Commonwealth countries refer to them as Chartered Pr ofessional Engineer (Kapoor,p.68). Relevant Professional bodies have established International Agreements on engineering that provide for engineers to practice their profession worldwide without border limits. These professional bodies play a key role in making certain that ethical standards are observed. For example in America, only a licensed professional Engineer can make preparations on engineering plans, signed and sealed to the public authority or for other clients. The works are calculation of a study, designs settings, reports, valuations, supervising and analyzing engineering works and technical documents. Specializing in engineering enables an engineer to have an increased knowledge and intense understanding in their area of specialization and expertise. D The West Broadway (CSAH 103) is a transit way project, which has been established in Brooklyn Park this comes after the City of Brooklyn Park agreed to work with the Hennepin County to rebuild the West Broad Way Avenue. The Hennepin County is the lead agency in the development of the construction (Flood, p.85) Increasing the road from about 500ft south of the Candlewood Drive to close to 500ft north of the 93rd Avenue North this is the target of the project. The roadway section will add a new traffic signal at the intersection of the Candlewood Drive. The roadway is to have an upgrade to have four lanes and raise the concrete median. The urban section is to be increased at all intersections inclusive of all the intersections. Locations such as 84th Avenue and 93rd Avenue are also set to receive upgrades. However, there are some conditions, which should be given priority and the Hennepin County for instance, the signal requirements are to be set by the County. The transportation engineers have presented a designed layout to the City Council, which has given the rights to carry on the construction. This was done after they had done the prerequisite preparations and planning. Technological and specialized scientific principles were used to apply into the operational planning, functional design and coordination of various facilities. The engineers are set to maintain and overlook the construction of these structures. They are tasked to make sure that the planning is done well and completed without any obstructions. They will look into the human factors that drive the Broadway project. Such like factor are the trips made by the users, their interface with the vehicles, road and traffic lights and trip chaining. All these will dictate how the overall project’s outcome. The project w ill also purpose to make transportation less costly, easier, environment friendly, accessible and efficient. During the formulation of the project, the engineers considered the size and capacity of the road, alignment and the materials they were to use. The materials are to be of high quality and long lasting. They used advanced technology like the Intelligent Transportation Systems and traffic control systems. They also work with other branches of engineering to prevent any loopholes. They work with environmental engineers in order to prevent environmental pollution and causing harm to both the human and natural environment during and after the construction period. The engineers have also explained the provided environmental rules to avoid infringing the laws of the environment. If there will be a recommended transit way the design plans will have to be revised leading to the amendment of the Environmental Assessment. This is because of inadequate funding and the transit way is not instituted in the initial design. There were no expectations for the financing of the transit way at the time. Moreover, that can be done in the future. Currently, the schedule includes relocating the existing Xcel Energy transmission line and poles along the west side of CSAH 103 between 89th and 83rd Avenues to further locations in the West. This will be the first phase of the Project (Projects of Brooklyn Park, 2012) in 2014, the Northern portions (85th and 93rd Avenues are) of the construction are expected to have began. The South of 85th Avenue is projected for the period of 2015 to 2016. This project is going to improve transportation and increase the area covered, as it is currently narrow. It will improve the accommodation of the corridor users who are primarily the pedestrians, cars, cyclists and residents. The drainage is also going to be upgraded and the roadside ditches removed according to the engineers. The project also shows the challenges transport engineers face in their line of work. Especially challenges arise in transport engineering because it mainly conducts jobs of public works and for the society. Some of the locals on Brooklyn have rejected the proposals made by Hennepin County. On the construction of the sideway and this is a set back because they are forced to compromise in some of the construction sites (Projects of Brooklyn Park, 2012) The lack of proper funding has also reduced the scope of work and the engineers are forced to let do of a section of the project in the transit way. These are the main challenges facing the project. The project is set to enhance the transportation of people and their products and enhance security in the Brooklyn area. Civil Engineering since its inception in Ancient Egypt has improved numerous aspects of human life. The road system has improved since the use of Macadam roads to modernized highways and lanes. The railway engineers have also advanced to fast track rails and speed trains. Civil Engineering in current times is also using space studies a modern means of transport that entails scientific technology of taking people to discover the space and the universe from a different view. Including science and art into the profession has led to construction of historical landmarks and buildings such as the Brooklyn Bridge that will have a lasting effect on the human race. Civil engineering has promoted the construction of environment friendly structures, which prevent pollution and water resources depletion. In the 21st century, the discipline has marked major changes and advances to improve the life of human beings on earth. Work Cited Chapman, Allan. England‘s Leornardo: Robert Hooke and the Seventeenth Century’s Scientific Revolution.2005 CRC Press Print â€Å"Projects City of Brooklyn Park Minnesota† 5 October 2012. Web. 5 October 2012. Chen, Wai-Fah, and J Y. R. Liew. The Civil Engineering Handbook. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2003.Print ABET. â€Å"Civil Engineering†. Accrediting College Programs in Applied Science, Computing, 2010, April 8 Web. 5 October 2012 Engineering and Technology. Retrieved from http:www// October 5, 2012 web Kapoor, R. Dictionary of Civil Engineering. New Delhi: SBS Publishers Distributors, 2009. Print. Flood, Ian. Towards a Vision for Information Technology in Civil Engineering: Proceedings of the Fourth Joint International Symposium on Information Technology in Civil Engineering : November 15-16, 2003, Nashville, Tennessee, Usa. Reston, Va.: ASCE, 2004. Print.

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Midterm Analysis about an specific articles regarding Humen Rights Essay

Midterm Analysis about an specific articles regarding Humen Rights - Essay Example However as time passed by it came to the attention of all the human beings that their fellow beings had exactly the same feelings that they themselves possessed and these feelings should be respected. If this principle is understood we can further elaborate on this topic by going back to times when human rights did not even evolve. Thus it can be said that human rights evolved only because of the created awareness about the feelings and sentiments of human beings which helped all humans to realize about the inner self of their fellow human beings (Bourke 2007 & Langwith 2008). In this world atrocious and despicable acts of killing, looting, raping, and torturing can be traced back to the times of the Jesus Christ himself and even before than that. These acts are still widely prevalent even now and because of these very acts the humans are not being provided with the dignity and rights that they rightly deserve. Thus to counter act all these acts a broad phenomena has been developed which is known as Human Rights. Human Rights are the rights which the human beings rightly deserve for living in this world. These human rights have been created over time as more and more became known about the nature of the human beings. These human rights urge individuals to treat every human as equal to them whether he is of a different class, gender or race. Human Rights have been officially recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN Assembly (Bourke 2007 & Langwith 2008). Joanne Burke in her article Sentimental Education tells that a revolution took place in the subject of human rights in the 17th century when the National Assembly of France itself stated the natural, unalienable and sacred rights of man. This was the beginning of the evolution of the concept of human rights which was further followed by other individuals who brought forward the message of human nature to the whole world (Bourke

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Business decision making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Business decision making - Essay Example In order to attain this aim, the paper will seek to attain the following objectives: HealthJuz is a naturally formulated juice drink that will be made in four different flavours including orange, guava, apple and pear. These different fruits will be blended naturally, extracted and made available to consumers in different parts of the UK. A fifth version will contain some important elements of extracts from plants that promote weight loss. This will be extracted naturally from products that will be gathered on organic farms in the UK and in nearby lands in Europe and transported to the UK within not more than 7 days. The products will be bottled on the fruit farms and they will exclude additives and preservatives. The products will be distributed to different outlets that will include small shops and supermarkets within 24 hours to 48 hours after extraction and bottling. This will aim at health-conscious consumers in the UK who want to avoid chemicals and other products that might be toxic and harmful to the human body. The targeted consumers will include the consumers of Greater London and some commercial hubs in South England. The geographic scope will include London and surrounding areas and communities. This will seek to target important persons particularly people who are health-conscious and people who might be concerned with their health and their livelihoods. Consumers are to be classified amongst those who are health conscious who form the existing market whilst there is an active and growing market for healthy products and health foods, there is a number of people who can be literally converted to consumers of healthy products. Hence, there is the need to identify two market segments: This implies that there is the need for Zenith Bottling to engage in some kind of conflict with the entities that control the existing market of

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When interpreting statutes, do judges simply give effect to the will Essay

When interpreting statutes, do judges simply give effect to the will of Parliament or do they amend statutes under the guise of interpretation - Essay Example 2). Therefore, statutory interpretation refers to the process of expounding and giving explanation for the easy understanding of the legal system. Dalhuisen (2014) states that statutory interpretation in England is an ongoing change with a purposive approach hence promoting the overall legislative aim of enactments. This paper is a discussion of how the English statutes are interpreted; it is to find out whether the judges simply give effect to the will of the Parliament or they amend the statutes under the guise of interpretation when interpreting the statutes. In answering the question, the paper will first give a brief description of the will of the Parliament and the amendment of statutes in the English legal or judicial system. It is reported that the will of the English Parliament is only expressed through an Act of Parliament (Twining and Miers 2010). This means it has vital concrete effects thereby preventing forceful imposition of decrees upon the law by an autocratic or a despotic leader. This is unlike what characterize the French assemblies where dictatorial monarchs conduct abrupt resolutions on the law to suit personal interests. This principle in which Parliament speaks singly through an Act of Parliament immensely increases the authority of the English judges (Dicey 2013). Hence any bill which has been subjected to a statute automatically becomes subject to the judicial interpretation. It is also reported that the independence of the English Parliament ensure that it does not interfere with other authorities of the regular c ourse of law. The amendment of a statute refers to a designed process of alteration applied to make changes in an existing legal structural provision (Slapper and Kelly 2010). In the event of an amendment textual codification is applied because there is an adoption of a new provision which substitutes the existing contents. However, this procedure has one main challenge that the amendment has very limited sense or meaning

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The Interactional View by Watzlawick Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Interactional View by Watzlawick - Essay Example The Interactional View says that the first axiom is people are always communicating, even when they are not saying anything. It says that communication is content plus relationship. Content is what people say, while relationship is how people say them. Metacommunication is also the relationship, which the way people communicate about their communication. The last time my grandmother and I talked, the content of our topic is dating. She warned about dating white Americans because of her stereotyping that they can have very sexual views of women. I did not want to correct her that even Chinese men also have sexual views of women. Then, I told her that I am not currently dating any white or any other ethnic or racial group, but if I did, it should not be a problem because I own my heart and life. She got angry and yelled at me over the phone and hanged up. I was very hurt, but I called her again and said sorry. I remember now that my metacommunication regarding this topic is angry and d efensive. I have disrespected my grandmother. To understand more my communication with my grandmother, I can use the concepts of complementary interchange, one-up communication, one-down communication, and one-across communication. Complementary interchange means that parties know that they have power differences. One-up communication is a move to control the exchange, one-down communication is a move to give control of the exchange, and one-across communication is the move to level the control of the exchange.  

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Odysseus story Essay Example for Free

Odysseus story Essay SOME ARE monsters, some are slaves, some are beautiful and cunning women and some are powerful kings. In Homeric literature, a character is either good or bad depending on their xenia or shape (e.g. Charybdis). However, from reading The Odyssey, one can see the admirable characters and the not so admirable characters. Such characters have either good or bad xenia, old or young, male or female, some can be a menial as a slave (such as Eumaeus) and some can be as great as a Troy hero and king (such as Nestor). This is an exploration of whether or not Eumaeus is the most admirable character in The Odyssey or not. We first meet Odysseus swineherd in Book Fourteen in the porch of his hut. He had been caring for Odysseus property during his absence. Odysseus appears to him as a beggar and despite the status that such person has, Eumaeus being but a servant understands xenia and entertains Odysseus by preparing a feast for him.  In Book Fourteen, Eumaeus grieves not only for the loss of Odysseus but also for Telemachus who had gone to find his father. It is clear from Book Sixteen, that Eumaeus loves Telemachus like a father loves a son as when he returns he drops everything and kisses Telemachus and cries with pleasure of his safe return to Ithaca. He shows respect for his masters in Book Fourteen, another admirable trait, when he says to the disguised Odysseus that servants cant give admirable gifts when they work in fear of their overpowering masters. This shows that Eumaeus understands his place an Odysseus and Telemachus both recognise this and treat Eumaeus with great respect. One could argue that Homer created Eumaeus as the most admirable character as there is a not in Book Fourteen that claims that Homer loved his created character and sometimes the literature speaks directly to Eumaeus.  After Eumaeus prayer that Odysseus may return, Odysseus feels that it is right that he should reveal his scar and prove that he is with them. The text says that Eumaeus is overwhelmed to see his master again and is weeping and kissing him so much, that if Odysseus hadnt stopped them, it would have gone on all day and all night! This shows a great and respecting love for the King of Ithaca. Eumaeus speaks out, bravely (or foolishly some could argue) against the Suitors. This shows bravery in his character as well as loyalty and love. He is truly characterised as a noble and respectable person. He also helps in the execution of the maidservants and the mutilation of Melanthius.  All of the above describe how admirable Eumaeus is and there is not a point in the text when he is not admirable, loving, kind or brave. However, there are other admirable characters in The Odyssey. I would argue that King Nestor of Pylos, a hero against Troy with Odysseus, is an admirable character in The Odyssey. He is a very generous host and actually is so generous and so loyal to xenia that in Book Fifteen, Telemachus pleads with Nestors son, Peisistratus (Telemachus Patroclus type character) to not let him see Telemachus, as he will keep him against his will with his passion for hospitality! Some could argue that this in its self is an abuse of xenia. Nestor also stops Telemachus from sleeping on his hollowed ship and says that he should sleep in the palace. This shows true loyalty to xenia. Before this however, Nestor believes that Telemachus even looks like Odysseus and tells Telemachus of his faith in him. This shows a caring for his friends family. Nestor is even kind enough to let his son act as a friend and guardian to Telemachus on his journeys.  Nestors character is one of great caring and compassion and he looks out for Telemachus as a father would look out for a son and I think that this is a truly admirable trait of King Nestor. Another admirable character is Antinous and Aretes daughter, Nausicaa, princess of Phaeacia. She meets Odysseus when he has been washed up on the shore of the island and is wearing no more than a fig leaf over his genitalia. Anyone would have thought him mad or overly promiscuous, however, despite her first impressions, the young woman hears of Odysseus story and shows pity on the great man in his miserable state. She orders her ladies to bathe him and even tells him how to get into the city and speak with her father, Antinous through his wife Arete). With all this guidance she shows mercy on a man in a state where others would have either ran or jeered at him. This shows a merciful character in Nausicaa and for such a young girl she has an understanding of xenia. She falls in love with Odysseus and she is even offered by Antinous as a wife for Odysseus, but Odysseus is having none of it and just wants his presents and one of their good ships to go home in.  Nausicaa demonstrates mercy on Odysseus in the only time we see him as being so disparate and needy for help. The only time when he loses face and the only time really when all he has are his articulate words to help him out of situation. This shows that Nausicaa probably knew that Odysseus was a great man and that his state would have de-motivated him so the very fact that she shows such compassion towards him shows that she sympathises with his situation. This I believe is a very admirable thing to do and shows great intelligence for someone so young. Therefore, Eumaeus is one of the most admirable but not the most. Nestor and Nausicaa, both explored above are equally as admirable but in slightly different ways. Eumaeus admiralty comes from his loyalty to Odysseus and his want to defend his right to be loyal. Nestor is admirable for his hospitality and the way he speaks of Odysseus and the help that he gives to Telemachus on his journey to track down his father. Lastly, Nausicaa is admirable as she is able to trust a man that others would have thought bonkers. He appears to her naked and she accepts his honesty and mercifully helps him due to his articulate speech. Homer has truly created some of the greatest characters in the world of literature and these good and admirable persons are part of the huge enjoyment one has when one reads his Odyssey.